• Fire Hazard Testing Equipment

    Glow Wire Test AppratusThe Comparative Tracking Index Test Apparatus is widely used for testing the electrical and electronic product like lighting equipment, low-voltage apparatus and

  • Ingress Protection Testing Equipment

    IP 1X ProbeSpecification IP 1X Probe Sphere Dia = 50 mm Handle = Ø10 X 100 mm length Guard = Ø45 X 4 mm thickness

  • Cable Testing Equipment

    Tensile Test ApparatusThe Tensile test apparatus application is check that all material strength like a gland, MCB, RCCB, Plug, Cable,etc Cold Bending Test ApparatusThe CKE

  • Test Probes

    RIGID TEST SPHERE 50 MM (Test Probe A) (IP 1X PROBE)Sphere Dia = 50 mm Handle = Ø10 X 100 mm length Guard = Ø45

  • Low & Medium Voltage Switch Gear Testing Equipment

    Secureness Test ApparatusThe Secureness Test Apparatus application is Checking of connector, MCB,RCCB, Lug cable clamping. Pull out Test ApparatusThe Pull out test apparatus application is

  • PV Module Solar Equipment

    PV Module cut Susceptibility testing machineIt's to determine whether any front and rear surfaces of the module of polymeric materials are capable of withstanding routine

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