Light Testing Equipment-1

Torsion Test Apparatus

Specification: Direct reading type on a graduated scale fitted with B-22d, E27, E14 lamp cap holders.
Range: 0 – 4 Nm, 0 – 1.4 Nm Size: 400 x 400 x 400 (W X H X L)

Bending Test Apparatus

Specification: check the externally applied bending moment direct reading type on a graduated scale fitted with B-22d2, E14 andE27 lamp cap holders. Range : 0 – 3 Nm.
Size : 400 X 400 X 400 (WXHXL)

Pull Tester


  • Material M.S fully powder coated
  • Digital indicator
  • Manually pull
  • Up to 150 N with Holder
Standard:  IS 10322 (Part 5/ sec 7) / IEC 60598-2-20 as per cl 7.13/ cl 7.6.1

Digital Torsion Tester


  • Material M.S fully powder coated
  • Digital indicator
  • Up to 10 Nm with Holder
  • Manually operated
Standard: IS 10322 -5-6 as per cl 7.6.1/7.11 , IEC 60598-2-20

Test Jig

Specification: Test Jig suitable for E14, E27 and B22d2 lamp cap testing inside Humidity chamber,
Made using insulation material hylum sheet / wood
Provision to test Electric Strength and insulation resistance

  1. Between live part and accessibility part,
  2. Between current carrying metal part
  3. and accessibility part and also
  4. Between live part and cap shell contact.

Bulb Go No Go gauge

Specification: Material S.S. 304
Gauge for interchangeability test
GAUGE NO.E-14, B-22, E-27

Lamp Cap Temperature Rise Tester/ Wind Proof Test Chamber/ Draught Proof Chamber

The Lamp Cap Temperature Rise Tester applicable under normal operation and is detected lamps temperature air convection under abnormal operation, to prevent the effects of air temperature and thermal radiation from the light source to the sample.

Life Test Rack

The Life Test Rack application is to check the LED, CFL, etc lighting life endurance. this Rack is used for lighting testing.

Fault Condition Chamber

The Fault condition chamber application is LED and CFL light fumes flammable or not. this chamber is use for lighting testing.

Other Services

  • Toys Test Equipment

    Small Parts TestAn invaluable safety item for parents, the Small Parts Tester is a tool used to determine if a toy, toy part or other item poses a choking risk

  • Special Purpose Mechanism & Fixture

    SFU Switch endurance test mechanismThis endurance test mechanism is used for the SFU switch operation test Limit switch operating mechanismThis operating mechanism is used for limit switches test. Mechanism for